Collaboration for CHÁMALLE X

On the occasion of the X anniversary in 2014 of Chámalle X, Days of Art of Action of the University of Vigo, a book was published that collect “a decade of action art”, in which I collaborate with the short text ” the micro-system of Action Art in Spain within the macro-system of Art in the scenario of cultural capitalism “(here – pp. 99-102)

Artists and researchers such as Marta Pol i Riagu, Joan Casellas, Jaime Vallaure, Alba Soto, David Pérez, Nelo Bilar, Rubén Barroso, Andrés Galeano, Nieves Correa, Roxana Popelka & Jesús Acevedo, Ana Gesto, María Cecilia perea, Yolanda Pérez Herreras, Álvaro Terrones and Bartolomé Ferrando collaborate in this book. Directer and coordinated by Carlos Tejo.