Happy to be part of this edition of PROYECTOR with my piece “International Day Part II”, which will be shown in the Sala Equis (Calle del Duque de Alba, 4, Madrid) from 12 to 23 September. And this Wednesday, September 19th at 8:30 p.m. the inauguration will take place, with the presence of some of the participating artists (Jan Hakon Erichsen, CHEN WAN-JEN, KUANG-YU TSUI, Jeff Zorrilla).

Proyector festival info HERE:

Agenda of the Sala Equis HERE:

Explore the body with Isabel León Sit down, take a few minutes, visualize the twenty-three fragments where she, the only protagonist, plays, explores, changes and exchanges a silent dialogue with objects that put the body in question. The natural disposition of the body, touching the unusual and provoking different emotions, which she experiences and to which you will not remain impassive. The dedicated to menopause, after covering her head with plastic bags, those we use to select fruits and vegetables from our trusted supermarket, it generates a prophylaxis that does not allow us to breathe, it desperately breaks it, we appreciate the agitated breathing, the suffocation and the heat, the explored body, moved, moved by the impassive, example”. Manu Palomo.