MAV 2020 Biennial in Metrópolis TV program

The spanish television program Metrópolis dedicated its program to the MAV 2020 Biennial, an event aimed at reclaiming the work of women artists and other cultural workers in the Spanish context, in which I had the honor of participating invited by Woman Art House to perform an action at the Vostell Malpartida Museum in October 2020.

The MAV 2020 Biennial, in its third edition, strengthened the objectives of previous calls to make visible the creation made by women artists. In a complex year, colored by the health crisis, the association demonstrated that it could support women in art. Proposals were selected from an open call.

Many of the projects worked around the concepts of healing, care and affection, linked to the brotherhood between women around the world.

You can see the tv program HERE:
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