From July 5 to 10 I participate in ESTIVAL 4 Malaga Contemporary Art Festival organized by La Casa Amarilla.

On Saturday the 10th at 7:30 p.m. the performance “Odisea, sea” (Odyssey, be) will begin; an action in three stages in which I base from the journey of Ulysses, the central idea of ​​this edition of Estival, to reflect on my experience regarding the fact of decide to dedicate myself 100% to artistic creation, and how for my art and life are the same. In fact, my work draws directly from my daily life and my most personal circumstances.

For this action, I take the idea of ​​travel as transformation, as a journey that helps me go through different stages, all necessary in my development as a person and as an artist. To do this, I carry out the action in three parts located in three spaces: La Casa Amarilla, a tour of some of the streets in the center of Malaga, and finally the hall of the Athenaeum.

In addition to the live performance, La Casa Amarilla shows from Monday 5 to Saturday 10 all the series of mini video performances carried out between 2016 and 2020: International Day, A day like today, Two Words, My Secret Reasons and Quarantine; five series with a total of 250 mini actions.

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