The workshop “FILTERLESS. A way to go beyond through performance” by EXCHANGE Live Art has been one of the Projects selected in the call Resistències Artístiques: Artistic processes in educational environments of the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana, CEFIRE artisticoexpressiu and Direcció General d’Innovació Educativa i Ordenació / 2021-2022. It will take place between 21 March and 8 April at the IES Pare Victòria Secondary School in Alcoi (Alacant).

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“FILTERLESS. A way to go beyond through performance” is a training project for high school, which starts from the performance or action art as an artistic practice that serves as a tool to create, to look at oneself and to observe oneself within the group to which one belongs. We start from the game, the absurd, the diverse, the impulse, the emotion and the reflection as the basis of this creative process to turn the classroom into a space where students and teachers feel comfortable and safe to explore and communicate “without filters”, that is, freely, and leaving aside the prejudices and censorship that we usually impose on ourselves or society imposes on us.