The workshop WITHOUT FILTERS is a didactic proposal by EXCHANGE Live Art (Ana Matey and myself) in which we share our “exchange methodology” with which we investigate shared creative processes and communication, taking action art as the main artistic tool. We rely on the idea of “honesty”, an inherent quality in performance art, to invite to create and to show ourselves “without filters”.

In the spring of this year 2022 we will hold the workshop “WITHOUT FILTERS. A way to go further in performance art”, in the IES Pare Victòria de Alcoy (Alicante, Spain), a proposal selected within the programme Resistènces Artístiques of the Consorci de Museus, CEFIREambitAE and Educaciò de la Generalitat Valenciana. Thanks to this call we have produced a publication in which we share some of the activities and proposals of our workshops, conceptual maps with the main aspects of action art, photo-action and video-action and some examples of the work done by the students of IES Pare Victòria de Alcoy.

The artists Alba Soto, Ana Gesto, Laura Corcuera and Mario Montoya participated with a photo action based on one of the students’ scores.