On Saturday 24 September I participated in the meeting “Same but different. Equinox 2022” of actions in public space. I have the pleasure of coordinating the group in Granada, which will be taking action in the Paseo del Salón from 12.30h.

Same But Different (Equinox)
Is an international day for public actions for freedom for all people.
Each year on the Equinoxes, (~20.03. and 22.09.) the duration of day and night is approximately equal around the globe. In this spirit of cosmic equality, the event serves as a global connection for people performing together in public spaces.
This sharing of time and space brings us closer together as a temporary (global) community by encouraging non-violent expressions for locally specific conditions through performance art.
Everyone is welcome to participate with openness and in solidarity, embracing and embodying diversity whilst acknowledging each other’s individual circumstances, difficulties, and conflicts.


This idea of exploring the interconnected role of performative collaboration and citizenship in shaping and transforming public space has been a core endeavour of Same but Different (Equinox) and its artists around the world since a symposium organised by Bbeyond in Belfast in 2017. During this event , Chumpon Apisuk proposed a day of public action as a follow-up to Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox (September 2016), where 283 artists from around the world (45 locations in 29 countries) worked collectively in public spaces.

“This is the day when all states must recognise and allow people’s actions that are “peaceful” and “non-violent”. This day of action should be for the recognition of the rights of all people to share public space together, in solidarity with each other, in respect for each other’s rights to share the same public space, as well as time”.

More and more countries are experiencing social unrest due to increasing government restrictions on basic human rights. Every continent is experiencing some form of repression of civil liberties, whether individual, social, economic, political, religious, cultural or environmental. These rights are at the forefront of what makes us human and shape civil society.

The global discourse initiated by “Equal but Different (Equinox)” is based on an openness to talk about public space as a social and political sphere. The pandemic has increasingly shown us that public space is essential to community life. It is a place of physical creation that is repeatedly reclaimed and interpreted by a variety of groups and movements.