We are back with one of our workshops! It will be on Saturday 5th November from 16,30 to 20,30 in Granada, at Escuela Remiendo.

WITHOUT FILTERS. Introduction to Performance Art is a short workshop in which the artists and creators of the EXCHANGE Live Art project, Isabel León and Ana Matey, bring us closer to the language of performance art through an essentially practical and reflexive proposal, in which they invite us to act on the basis of “performance scores” (scripts or instructions) as exercises to become aware of the main tools and basic premises of this artistic practice.

The methodology and contents of the workshop are based on their own experiences as performers and the trajectory of EXCHANGE Live Art, a ten year old project with which they create and research on communication and shared creative processes, taking action art as the main creative tool, and with which they have worked with more than sixty artists from different backgrounds, generations and trajectories.

More information on workshop contents: accionexchange@gmail.com
Registration: escuela@remiendoteatro.com