CELEBRATION is the title that encompasses all the events and activities that have taken place during 2022 and that continue during the current year 2023 on the occasion of EXCHANGE Live Art’s tenth anniversary.

“We believe that celebration, despite a convulsive social, political and environmental context, with wars, pandemics and ecological and natural disasters, is more than ever necessary. We propose to unite, reflect, celebrate and free ourselves from the emotional burden that all these events place on us. Celebrate because we are not alone. Celebrate as opposed to a state of withdrawal and fear. Celebrate that we are alive. Celebrate art and the different views that each artist proposes in their work. Moreover, we celebrate that, despite so many difficulties, EXCHANGE Live Art is still alive, that we are still together and enthusiastic after ten years of projects with very intense moments, some hard and others wonderful. We also celebrate that this project has allowed us to share with great people, artists from very different backgrounds, cultures and ways of understanding art and life, and all that this has enriched us. We celebrate and want to share and highlight all the work (a lot of it!) that we have carried out during this time”.

Under this premise, with CELEBRATION the creators of EXCHANGE Live Art, Ana Matey and Isabel León, want to celebrate these ten intense years of creation and artistic and human exchange by reviewing and paying tribute to the different projects and artists who have participated in its different editions with events that include tribute performances, talks and round tables, presentations and review of unpublished material and workshops.

CELEBRACIÓN’s activities began in April 2022 with the presentation of a performance tribute to the thirty-five women artists who have taken part in the project at the Museo La Neomudéjar in Madrid. Subsequently they have presented the project at the Centro Guerrero in Granada, at the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca and at the NADA fair in Seville. They have recently received a grant from Madrid City Council for the mobility of artists that is allowing them to share this anniversary to more places around the country.

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