Next October 6th, I have the pleasure of participating in the opening of SINCRONÍAS, a project of the Centro de Holografía y Artes Dados Negros, in which I participate with Ignasi AballíAnna GimeinLaura Lio y Javier Arnaldo, La Gran TrazadaSaid MessariJuan Luis MorazaJaume PitarchVíctor Ripoll y Jaime Vallaure.

I will perform the action “I think it is not causality”, in which I take the title of the meeting -Synchronies- to create a work based on intuition, supported by the idea that everything is connected in some way. To do this, I take a series of apparently accidental or random elements and circumstances as a starting point to create small independent and connected actions at the same time, in which improvisation is one of the main tools with which I work with. The circumstances are those of Dados Negros: space, light, temperature, the exact day, the audience… The elements are those of this concrete space and those provided by the public, as well as some that (coincidentally) I carry with me.

It is a proposal in which, in addition to intuition and improvisation, play, chance, interaction with the public and the belief that magic exists are present.

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