On 22 December 2022 I will present the project “TO AND FRO AND THE ITERATED PRISONER’S DILEMMA“, which I have been working on intensely over the last few months and which has recently been subsidised by the Ayudas a la Creación Contemporánea del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (Contemporary Creation Grants from the Ministry of Culture and Sport).

It is a project of video-actions created with other people, as well as a live action on the day of the presentation with my dear colleague Ana Matey. It will be at 18:00 with the screening of the videos and at 19:30 with the live action in the Rey Chico Building, Granada.

Participating in the video actions:

Year 2022: María Bris, Felipe Ortega Regalado, Alejandra Monroy, Mario Montoya, Carmen Rivero, Denys Blacker, Raúl Díaz-Obregón, Juan Prohibido, Marta Mantecón and Claudia Frau.

Year 2020: Marta Moreno Muñoz, Llorch Talavera, Irene R. Tárraga, Ana Maeso, Miguel A. Moreno, Carmen R. Villa-Real, Amelia David, Mª Jesús Manzanares, Andrés León and Teo Ramiro Sancho.

I am very happy to do this first exhibition in my host city, Granada, thanks to the support of the Escuela Pública de Formación Cultural de Andalucía. Thanks also to all the people who have supported me and collaborated in this project.

Project carried out with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Grants for the promotion of Spanish contemporary art 2022.